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Lutron FC-2700 2.7GHz Frequency Counter, bench type

Display : 18.3mm (0.72") LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), 8 digits.
Measurement : Frequency, Data hold, Relative, Memory(max., min., average), Period.
Range :
2.7GHz 100MHz to 2700MHz
100MHz 10MHz to 100MHz
10MHz 10Hz to 10MHz
Period 10Hz to 10MHz
Resolution, Sample Time: Ref. the following "Table for Resolution & Sample Time".
Sensitivity (Sensitivity Sw. set to high position) :
10MHz & Period : 30mV rms (10Hz to 10MHz); Typical : 15mV rms (10Hz to 9MHz)
100MHz : 50mV rms. (10Hz to 100MHz); Typical : 30MHz to 100MHz)
2.7GHz : 50mV rms (100MHz to 2.5GHz); Typical : 35mV rms (300MHz to 2.4GHz)
Max. functional signal input (Sensitivity Sw. set to normal position) :
10MHz & Period : 15V rms
100MHz : 4V rms
2.7GHz : 4V rms (400MHz to 2.7GHz)
Over-input (Max. signal will not hurt the circuit) :
10MHz & Period range : Max. 15V rms
2.7GHz & 100MHz range : Max. 4V rms
Time Base Stability vs Temp. : 1.5PPM (10 to 30C)
Frequency Accuracy : (2PPM + 1d) 23 5C, after calibration.
Time Base circuit : 16.777216MHz, TXCO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator)
Input Connector :
10MHz & Period range : BNC connector
100MHz range : N coaxial connector
2700MHz : N coaxial connector
Case : Durable & strong ABS plastic housing with handle
Operating Temp. : 0 to 50C (32 to 122F)
Operating Humidity : Less than 80%
Power Supply : 6 x 1.5V AA (UM-3) battery or AC to DC 9V adapter
Power Consumption :
2700MHz & 100MHz range : Approx DC 105mA
10MHz & Period range : Approx DC 45mA
AC Adapter Power Input : optional, 9V DC, 300 to 500mA rating, central positive for socket
Dimension : 280 x 210 x 90mm (11.0 x 8.3 x 3.5inch)
Weight : 1200g/0.27LB (including battery)
Standard Accessories : Instruction Manual

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