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Key Features

Tournament Legal (no slope)
550yd Range
Accurate to 1/2 yard at 125+ and 1/10th yard inside 125
7x Magnification
Speed Tech via ESP, Extreme Speed Precision
Vivid display technology assists with varying light conditions
Pinseeker Tech with JOLT
Battery door issues on previous models addressed
2 Year Warranty

If youre considering buying the Pro X7 and comparing against other models, here are the features that makes it better than the competition:
Feature By Feature Review
Accuracy to .1 yards when inside 125 yards

Hitting great approach shots means you need to be dialed in from short range. The X7 gives you an extra level of accuracy from .5 to .1 yard to give you extra confidence. If youre not a great golfer, you may not be accurate enough to need this precision, but I find the precision to give me some extra confidence in the number. I love having it for the 40 yard toss shot that I practice all the time. Im pretty dialed in with it so that extra 14 inches of accuracy can make a difference if Im attacking a tight pin location.
7x Magnification

The 7x magnification that the Bushnell Pro X7 brings to the table is the best on the market. The extra magnification enables you to shoot the flag from a range of up to 550 yards. It also helps you to clearly see the slope and undulations of the green which means you can pick better targets on your approach shots. Theres also a dial for focusing the lens on it just like a DSLR camera.

I tend to play flat courses so its a great feeling being able to shoot the flag on Par 5s from way out, although you realistically only need about 300 yards. The extra weight it has helps stabilize it if you have shaky when youre shooting.

The Pinseeker technology has been around for a few

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